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DUO TRANS has been providing high-quality transport services since 2004. Initially, the company specialised only in domestic and international transport. In connection with the dynamic development in 2011 we expanded our business with forwarding services. We cooperate with Polish and foreign trade companies. We work with both large companies and small manufacturing entities. We treat each load individually, and constant contact with the forwarder allows us to monitor the progress of the order at every stage.

In order to increase efficiency, we have expanded our base with the services of proven carriers, who with their professionalism will lead each transport order to the satisfaction of even the most demanding customer. We offer tarpaulin and refrigerated transport. We have in our fleet vehicles adapted for this type of transport. Our qualified staff strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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ul.Jarzębinowa 48/4
81-589 Gdynia
NIP: 586-120-56-92

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