Tarpaulin transport

Tarpaulin transport

One of the most popular and versatile forms of neutral cargo transport. The main advantage of this type of transport is the ease and speed with which the cargo is placed, as it does not require special handling or maintaining the right temperature. Goods can be loaded from any side of the vehicle – from the top, bottom or side, which greatly facilitates and speeds up the execution of orders. Tarpaulin transport in our company is carried out mainly by curtain-type semi-trailers allowing safe loading. Standard dimensions of the tarpaulin – 13.6 x 2.45 x 2.68.

Use of tarpaulin transport

The material that secures your vehicle, the tarpaulin, provides protection from moisture, wind and any debris. However, it can be used if you are transporting products that do not need to maintain a constant temperature, such as drinks and food with a long shelf life, electronics, furniture, building materials and much more.

Reliability of operation

We have a team of experienced professionals who ensure that your goods are delivered on time and intact. We specialise in tarpaulin transport and it is thanks to our employees that the entire process, from the moment of collecting the cargo to completion, runs smoothly. We guarantee reliability and punctuality. Take advantage of our offer, and you certainly will not be disappointed!


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