International transport

International transport

We offer you national and international transport with the following semi-trailers (vehicles):

  • Refrigerated trucks up to 22t, 33 pll
  • Refrigerated trucks up to 3,5 t
  • Trailers up to 24 t, 33 pll
  • Trailers for general cargo
  • Buses for express shipments
  • Trucking semi-trailers

Inland freight transport

International transport aims to get a product from one place to another in the most efficient way. International transport is the most popular form of transporting goods within the European Union. Depending on the type of cargo, we offer an appropriate vehicle that will deliver the goods intact to their destination. Additionally, we monitor the level of prices so that our customers receive the best possible conditions.

Development assistance

A major advantage of international transport is that it expands transport hubs and contributes to dynamic economic development. The international industry enables goods to be transported globally, which allows foreign markets to be explored.


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